Matías Aguirre

Matías Aguirre

I'm an Uruguayan software developer with over 10 years of experience ranging from developments for home automation, embedded systems and medium enterprises intranet's software.

Open-source enthusiast, many of my projects and contributions are available on GitHub.

Currently I'm focused on web based technologies using Ruby, Python and JavaScript as my main languages.


Docker on Freebsd

Docker on FreeBSD is not an easy ride, several attempts failed to bring the popular container platform to this operating system. We have the outdated port, jetpack, and the popular Docker on Freebsd wiki article. But still, the process is not easy, and prone to failures. Jails is the popular choice to isolate applications in FreeBSD, it’s been a part of the operating system since FreeBSD 4.X, so it’s very robust and has a long story already.